Release – Highlights

==> Release 1.65: Thu, April 18th, 2019 <==

🕞 Deposit Due 14 days after Registration

We’ve heard this from everyone who collects payments with YouLi. You don’t want just fixed dates for deposits, you want a due date relative to registration.

=> Don’t worry if you like set dates, that is still an option. And it doesn’t have to be 14 days, it can 1, 7, 14,
100, whatever you prefer!

Login to try it out yourself – just edit your instalment or add a new one.

Deposit Due Video

⚡️Turn Payment Reminders ON/OFF 

You can now enable/disable payment reminders per instalment. Just click to edit the instalment under Update Trip -> Costs and make sure the “Send automated reminders” box is checked.

Read the tip below to know when the reminders will be sent based on the selections you’ve made. Don’t worry, we only remind people if
they haven’t yet paid the instalment.

Toggle payment reminders per instalment

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📑 Download your documents from tasks 

So you’ve got a task that requires travelers to upload documents. Now they have all uploaded their passports and you need to send that data to the hotel or visa office, you don’t want ALL the documents in the system, just the passports, what do you do?

Now you just click to the task RESPONSES and then on the cloud icon next to ‘Documents Uploaded’ and you’ll get a zip file full of all the passports, ready to be sent as needed. 

Thanks to Ben Southall for this feature request, now available within task responses that allow documents to be

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📧 Traveler Receipts – on demand! 

Once a traveler makes a payment, they will see a new icon to send themselves a receipt via email. 

Thanks Ritu from Hands On Development for this feature request.

Traveler Receipt

📧 Record direct payment received – IMPROVED

Once a traveler confirms payment from the Travel Page, you will be notified to “Mark as Received” so they get an email confirmation that the money has been received.

These kinds of payments do not incur any fees (from YouLi or credit cards), which is why our clients love them!

They will also then be able to send themselves a receipt (see feature above). Receipts cannot be generated until you “Mark as Received”.


✅ Looking for another Feature?

YouLi is more than a booking platform, and Tasks are one of the key features that allows you to better manage your trips. There are 14 videos about TASKS in our YouTube HOW-TO Playlist because there are so many ways to make use of them.

You can search for the TASKS in our Channel to find the problem you need to solve. Watch the animated GIF below to see how to search…🔎

How to subscribe to YouTube



Like these improvements? Give us a virtual hi-five: 🙏 review us on Google 👏




Bulk Upload and Per Trip Co-planner management and Xero Integration…

We’ve got a few enhancements in the works, let us know what you’re really keen on in the chat.


No system is perfect, please be sure to report any issues
so we can get them fixed right away!



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