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While I was getting snowed on in the mountains of Oregon (in JUNE!), the rest of the team was hiding from Australian winter and warming themselves with code that makes you more productive! 

I'm sooooo excited to share this release with you and can't wait to hear your feedback (my favourite part of the process). Read on...or Login and check it out right away.

- Jen (sent from Melbourne)


Release - Highlights

==> Release 1.70 : Wed, July 10th, 2019 <==


🤩 Dashing Dashboard 


Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but it's new and improved, and based on all your valuable feedback.

  • SEARCH! Because who can remember which trip Anna is on?
  • Trip dates appear on the card - FINALLY
  • Quick access to 'Manage People'
  • Quick access to 'Share Trip Link'
  • Trips sort based on departure date
  • Hover to see Trip Owner (if it isn't you)
  • Number of Travelers 'Going' or 'Booked'
  • Indication if Trip is listed on Shop
  • Return to last selected tab - NEAT!
  • Activity Feed - this is BIG, so we put it at the end of the Video...

We think these changes will make you more productive, so you can run more trips so you can transform more lives! 

Dashboard enhancements

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🙌 Your Logo - Bigger & Better

You asked for it. Now your logo is bigger and better, so your taglines REALLY pop!

You'll see this update automatically on all your branded Travel Pages.


✅ Just the right amount of task alerts

It was a hard choice before:

A) get spammed with every task response notification email or

B) turn off notifications and feel like you're missing when people complete tasks

Now you don't have to stress: whenever you access your Dashboard, you get to see what tasks have been completed at glance in your Activity Feed and even SEARCH for particular people.

EXAMPLE: Wondering if Jen uploaded her passport? 
Simply click on Activity Feed and search for 'Jen'. If her passport log record is there, she's all set! Click on the task name to see details. Example screenshot below.

Passport Activity Log

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👥 'Manage People' Label for you - Fun Label for them

We made it so you can change the label for the people on your trip, to fun things like "Students" or "Adventurers", but it was too confusing to explain on support calls.

So now they are just "People" for you, and the fun label appears only on the Travel Page.


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📹 More Videos - can you spot them?

We keep making new ones, so we've updated the links from a few places in the platform. You'll notice we've created a PlayList dedicated to Tasks and one for Bookings.


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Bulk Edit, Extra Registrations, Optional Trip Add-Ons and Xero Integration...

We've got a few enhancements in the works, let us know what you're really keen on in the chat.


No system is perfect, please be sure to report any issues
so we can get them fixed right away!


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