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Why YouLi is Built For Organizing Adventure And Cultural Expeditions

Better Prepared Travelers

Simplify the registration process and reduce number of customer inquiries. Travelers are assigned tasks and receive automated reminders so they are better prepared for their trips.

Seamless Team Collaboration

No more emailing spreadsheets around. Collect and organize travelers' info all in one folder. All trip and traveler documents are securely synchronized and updated instantly.

Built-in Search Tool

Easily find information about any registration, booking, traveler, destination, task, comment, or payment on any trip made by your team. One click to search platform-wide.

No Passwords to Manage

Travelers use secure Magic Links to view their Trip Page™ without requiring a password. All the benefits of a personalized account they keep coming back to, but no need to manage customer passwords!

Document Hub for Travelers

What are my trip options? Who else is going? When do you need my passport information? All trip questions answered in traveler's Trip Page™. Personalized itineraries, assigned tasks, documents and everything participants need to know.

Third-party Payment Integrations

Have your own payment processor? We can integrate it with YouLi Trips, including Stripe, Square and PayPal.

Adventure & Cultural Expedition Organizers We Have Worked With

Clients Showcase: Best Life Adventures

Ben Southall is outrageously passionate about Adventure Travel. Ben’s company, Best Life Adventures,  delivers extreme expeditions and group trips around the world – curating and leading expeditions for the corporate sector, with an emphasis on the start-up community and leading-edge organisations. 

With the mission to build THE ADVENTUROUS MINDSET, Ben has designed and structured a range of group trips targeted at travelers who are looking to challenge themselves physically, mentally and culturally – from entry level hikes to extreme rides across the world’s highest roads. 
Read Ben Southall’s story

How YouLi Empowers Best Life Adventures

  • Ensure travelers are aware and prepared for the extreme conditions
  • Easily coordinate updates and backup plans between all participants and local suppliers
  • Save time with simple platform-wide search tools
  • Personalize itinerary and payment plans, send payment reminders

Watch the Founder and CEO of Best Life Adventures, Ben Southall, Talk About YouLi Platform

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No monthly fee. No credit card needed.

Companies That Use YouLi​

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Social Enterprise & Not-For-Profits


Education Organizations & Startups

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Adventure & Cultural Expedition Organizers

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